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npd bloc project montreal parti liberal quebec parti quebecois
npd bloc project montreal parti liberal quebec parti quebecois

Solutions for Every Change Agent and Organization, Regardless of Size

Political parti and candidate
Political parti and candidate

We have a complete software to help you collect donation and run your campaign in order to maximise the voter tournout.


We have a complete CRM solution design to manage your non-profit donor, member and accept donation and memberhip.

Elected office
Elected office

We have a parlemtentary suite that allow you to handle citizen case from your elector and collaborate with your team member.

Why you should use Democratik software?

Give a solid base to your team with a prooved methodologies
Collaborate with your team member and share info
Work remotely
Limit the access on your organization per role, team, zone, and even custom list.
Automatize most of your tasks and do more with less time

All the features you need to create, manage and grow your organization.

Powerfull contact database

We offer a high-quality contact database that can help your business reach new potential customers. This database is regularly updated and includes detailed information about prospects, such as their contact information, communication preferences, and interests. With our database, you can be sure that your business is targeting the most relevant potential customers for your business

Mobile application

Mobile application combining all these services except automated call distribution:
Our mobile application is an all-in-one solution that combines several of our services, including the powerful contact database, mass text message broadcasting, call center, membership management, and fundraising. This application is designed to help you efficiently manage your communications, allowing you to stay connected with your clients and members anytime and anywhere. With our mobile application, you can optimize your business management and improve customer satisfaction.


Our automated calling service can help you communicate with your customers in an efficient and scalable manner. Our automated calling solutions are designed to improve the efficiency and productivity of your business by delivering personalized and interactive messages. You can also track the results of your campaign to measure the impact of your communications.

SMS broadcast

Our mass text messaging service is a quick and easy way to reach your customers. You can send personalized messages to a large number of customers in just minutes. Additionally, you can customize your messages and track the results of your campaigns to improve your communication.

Call center

Our call center is an all-in-one solution to meet your business communication needs. We offer an efficient call center solution that can handle outbound calls, as well as text messages and emails. With our call center, you can improve customer satisfaction and increase the productivity of your business.


We offer effective fundraising solutions for non-profit organizations and businesses. Our services include planning fundraising campaigns, identifying potential donors and managing online donations for successful fundraising.


Our membership management solution allows you to track your organization's members and efficiently manage their data. We offer customizable member management tools to meet your specific needs, including membership management, payment and renewal tracking, as well as communication with your members. With our membership management solution, you can optimize member management and improve engagement for your organization.

Discover our 100+ features

Democratik also offers newsletters, custom fields, activity log, texting, stat maps, public data, managing your members and much more.

What users love about Democratik

“Election campaigns are among the most defining moments of a person's life. We put all our expertise at your disposal to make this big step, new for some, a pleasant and memorable experience. »
Alexandre Foisy

General director

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