Automated calls

500 calls per minute

Send pre-recorded messages quickly to all your contacts for only $0.039 / call

Effective and affordable

Plan the broadcast

Broadcast at a specific date and time.

Join your contacts

Quickly reach your contacts at 500 calls per minute.

Measure results

See voicemails, replies, wrong numbers and more with detailed delivery results.

Detect voicemail boxes

Our application recognizes voicemail and will leave your message after the beep.

Automated your calls

5 easy steps

Schedule your operation

You can click here to file in your informations and select the moment you want to launch your calls. We will get back to you via email to confirm the details.

Prepare your message

Have your text prepared and your audio recorded so you can send it over when we contact you. If you're unsure what your message should contain, you can click here for all the informations.

Who will you be calling?

Have a list ready of all the phone numbers you want to call. We will be running a duplicate check on it to avoid multiple calls to the same number.

Statistics and result

A detailed report of your results will be sent to you. Responses will be automatically imported into your Democratik database or provided to you in CSV.

Test and launch

Once we have everything ready for launch, we will reach out to you to test the call as it will be sent out. If the quality as as you wished, we will then be launching it on the moment you reserved.

If you need any help contact us

Perfect for all your needs

Voting intention

Ask your voters who they plan to vote for in the next election.

Public message

Send a short public service announcement to all your constituents.


Send a multiple-choice poll to your entire population.

Check for attendance

Holding an event? Send out an invitation and ask your callees if they will be attending.

Robot call Price

At Democratik, each automated call is supervised by a qualified agent. Our agent will accompany you from booking your automated call to delivering your broadcast report.


/call + $150

We offer you the best price in Canada for automated calls supervised by an agent: $150 setup fee and $0.039 per call dialed.

Amount of calls

Total Estimate
Amount of calls 10,000
Per call Price $0.039 CAD
Total call price $390 CAD
Setup config $150 CAD
$10 CAD
Total Price
$550 USD

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Predictive Call Center

What's the maximum duration for my automated call message?

Your message can last up to 120 seconds without additional charges. However, keep in mind that shorter messages are usually better received.

As a business, can I make automated calls?

The answer is yes, but only to your customers and for non-monetary reasons. It is also possible to conduct surveys among the population, but only those not on the 'Do Not Call' list.

As a political party, does this work for fundraising?

No, because only messages that do not result in a financial transaction are accepted in Canada.

What are my legal obligations when making a robocall?

Your message must start with the name, email, and phone of the person for whom the robocall is made. If your message lasts more than 60 seconds, you must repeat the information. For more information, see: CRTC Regulations.

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