#1 Best Tools for Political parti and candidate

Democratik is the best tool on the market when you want to manage your electoral campaign. With it you can import and manage your elector list then find and annotate your sympathizer to maximise your voter turnout.

  • Give granuary acces to your team
  • Mobile app for canvassingn
  • Easy to use and learn
More than 5,000 users use Democratik over 4 continents
npd bloc project montreal parti liberal quebec parti quebecois action gatineau ensemble parti laval action laval
npd bloc project montreal parti liberal quebec parti quebecois action gatineau ensemble parti laval action laval

In business for over 10 years, we exclusively serve a political clientele.

Robot call

We can provide automated call to reach your elector in less than one hour with a message or even a question. After that we will provide you a report with the result and import the data collected directly into Democratik.

Call center

We have either a solution where you can run a predictive call center using your own staff or pay for having our 200 bilingual canadian agents making calls on your behalf.

Data pool

We can provide data to add into your democratik account like voting results map or the last census. we have also the public available phone and the geocoding of all address you may have into your database.

Key features to run Political parti and candidate

Import your voter list and share access with your team

Easily import your voter list and securely grant access to your team. With Democratik, collaboration is simplified, ensuring efficient and organized management of your electoral data.

Team Mobilization

Mobilize your team with our door-to-door app and call center. Powerful tools for a well-organized and efficient campaign. Reach out to voters in a personal and direct manner to increase engagement and support.


Use our web form to raise funds online for your campaign. It's simple, secure, and compliant with security standards. Streamline your fundraising efforts and reach your campaign goals more efficiently.

Team Management and Roles

Create your team and assign specific roles for each member. Efficiently control your campaign strategies and ensure the security of your data. Streamline your operations with clear division of responsibilities and seamless collaboration.

Create Your Own SMS Campaigns

Create and customize your own SMS campaigns to effectively communicate with your constituents. Our tools empower you to send targeted and meaningful messages to maximize your impact. Reach out to your audience in a personalized way and drive engagement with your tailored messaging.

Direct Communication, Agents, Teams

Engage in real-time communication with your agents and teams. Our platform provides effective communication tools to ensure smooth coordination and meaningful interactions. Connect instantly, share updates, and work collaboratively to meet your campaign goals.

Create an Email Campaign for Your Voters

Craft customized email campaigns for your voters. Our tools allow you to segment your voter base, create compelling emails, and track the performance of your campaigns. With these insights, you can refine your strategies, improve your outreach, and drive greater voter engagement.

Smart, Simple, and Scalable Democratik solution

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    Rating from our users in our internal surveys

  • 1500+

    Political parties and candidates use our platform

Designed to Meet All Your Political Party and Candidate Needs

  • User-friendly Platform that Evolves with Your Needs

    Democratik's platform is designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use, minimizing the learning curve for your team. As your campaign needs grow and evolve, so does our platform, providing you with tailored solutions to effectively manage your political campaigns.

  • Scalable and Secure

    Whether you represent a small political party or a large-scale organization, Democratik's solution is scalable to meet your needs. We take data security seriously and adhere to the best practices to ensure your information is well-protected.

What users love about Democratik

“Election campaigns are among the most defining moments of a person's life. We put all our expertise at your disposal to make this big step, new for some, a pleasant and memorable experience. »
Alexandre Foisy

General director

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